3 ways to add vitamin C to your diet when you have a busy lifestyle

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I have always been the type of person who has looked after his health and worked towards building a lifestyle that is sustainable. I’m always on the lookout for how I can be healthier, stronger and aid my body and its immune system to function properly.

Recently, I was helping my son with his studies when we came across Vitamin C and how it benefits the body. It reminded me of all those times when my mom, a science educator, would ask us to consume Vitamin C-rich foods, especially during weather changes and winter.

After my son had finished his homework, I went back to the drawing board to understand if I was getting my required amount of Vitamin C. I realized in my busy life, it was possible that I may not be getting enough of it. So I went to my family doctor and asked him how someone like me could get enough Vitamin C.

I am happy to report, I have found 3 simple ways you can add Vitamin C to your diet :

3 ways to add Vitamin C to your diet:

  • Broccoli and bell peppers:

Our family doctor told us that red bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C. So, I have added red bell peppers to my raw salads  Here’s my preferred recipe for a bell pepper salad :

Cut bell pepper to thin slices, add thinly sliced onion to it. Add half spoon lemon juice. Top it with 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, a pinch of pepper, and rock salt (as per taste). You can even add sautéed garlic and sprinkle some oregano to it. Ta-da, it’s ready to be relished. Similarly, broccoli can be added to your salads. If you don’t like raw broccoli, sauté it a little bit with garlic and olive oil and you’ll love it. Alternately, tomato and red cabbage salad is also a great combination.[1] Salads have become my weakness now! I love munching on them as I go from one room to other, getting my steps in and finishing up my calls.

PS: Before including anything new to your diet, it’s advisable to consult your doctor first. Like raw broccoli is not advised to thyroid patients
  • Citrus fruits like guavas, oranges, and kiwi, etc:

Well, we love kiwi and oranges on the go. What better than grabbing a whole orange while soaking in the winter sun? Ensure that you consume seasonal citrus fruits, at least one serving a day.


Source of Vitamin C

  • Limcee vitamin C chewable 500 mg tablet:

Based on my health condition, my doctor recommended starting Limcee vitamin C chewable 500 mg tablet, which, as per my doctor, can augment the natural sources’ intake of Vitamin C. Please ensure you consult your doctor to understand if you need any supplementation considering your diet and health conditions.

LImcee 500 Mg

Since Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored in our body and cannot be produced internally,[2] hence we need to replenish it in our diet to ensure we get the required amount.

I #BoostImmunityWithLimcee. How do you ensure Vitamin C intake to boost and sustain immunity?


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[1] https://www.news-medical.net/health/Sources-of-Vitamin-C.aspx

[2] https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002404.htm

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  1. This is super insightful as well as helpful guide for all those who wants to defeat the vit c deficiency!! Thanks a lot for creating such a well detailed and researched article. Definitely implement all these things in daily routine.

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