A Handshake with Jackie Chan

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A meeting with Jackie Chan :

We had a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet Jackie Chan and be a part of International event for 4 days at China (Beijing and Shanghai).

Jackie Chan

I knew that coming days would be a blast meeting & greeting the biggest philanthropist, a loyal hero for many kids & to enjoy a superb cultural remix.

A day to know Jackie Chan more closely :

On day2, post having a lovely city trip, we arrived at Marriott. With lovely arrangements for the FAN gathering, first luncheon was followed by the most awaited party. Some 500-600 people had gathered in a big hall lit with beautiful chandeliers. It was hardly 15 minutes for Jackie to arrive but the mad fan’s had begun cheering & hooting…JC..JC…JC …we love you !! Such was an aura; after all we all were meeting Jackie Chan.

5-4-3-2-1 & yes JC was there very much. With such a humongous aura, awe – stricken, madly standing & dancing to see him & equally stunned to see him in “Tears” on the applause of his fans. A perfect memorabilia, well deserving & admired personality was there to enjoy the evening with his beloved fans.

It took some next 10-12 min for all of us to settle on the seats. The program started on a wonderful note highlighting a 30min AV, named as “secrets of Jackie Chan”. It described him & his activities, as a person, professional, being a husband, son, father, actor, singer, from a small kid to his today’s stardom. It not only showcased his major life events and actual clippings, it also laid focus on his social messages as a social worker and a generous being.

Jackie Chan International Festival

Meeting Jackie Chan
AV captures

So many gifts were brought in with him for the freaking fans. Those were actually not enough as soon as JC’s clothes & accessories he was wearing [Jacket, Spectacles, Shoes, trouser, shirt] were all auctioned in the lottery system ..Haha ,that was most crazy of all..

The end of the 3-3:30 hr program was again a big big surprise for us when we got our photos with JC, followed by Cake cutting ceremony.

I can definitely assure that anyone in the mass could have fallen prey to his love there & then. There was no thought, as to why he fascinated millions all over the world, not just with his stardom, but with his noble deeds as well. So much of Fun, freak, laughter, and emotions was built in for those few hours!! Astounded & indeed crazy for Jackie Chan.

This was a perfect day with over smiling faces & happiness spreading across.

A noble message 

Forget him as the most passionate actor or a stunt-man, just overlook his incredible martial arts displayed. Observe & fall in love with his “Charity, his love towards “Unwanted & poor little wonders being brought up around the world”. He is just as amazing in charity as leaping from a moving train. His regret towards lacking formal education & passion towards society made him give a formal way to charity. he founded “The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation” & The Dragon’s Heart Foundation. They offer scholarships, medical assistance, raise awareness on diseases as AIDS, Influenza & more, helps in natural disasters. Dragon’s heart builds schools & helps children & even elderly people in need!

In his own words “When I was a child, I was very poor and wanted everything. So when I got money I began buying things. Now I want to give away everything. When I give somebody something and see their face, it just makes me so happy.”

Knowing him more closely, the change came by..

His daily work is in just a pair of jeans or pants, without much hullabaloo around. He has become a role model not just for me but for numerous lives and many little kids who deserve to live a life of dignity, who deserve to study and move away from poverty! Such is Mr. Chang’s name and his work, that world salutes him!

Yes, he was an inspiration to me & this visit turned to be a game changer in my life. EARN JUST TO SPEND ON OURSELVES?? Isn’t it what we all do? Or sometimes give penny to the roadside beggars or donate in a temple? But, is that the motive with what GOD has sent us? With millions of kids struggling for a pair of clothes on their body, is this enough what we are doing for them? Well, these questions have banged hard in my body & soul. Post looking at the work of Jackie Chan & relating it to his life, I actually felt embarrassed to find my “Zero Contribution”. Yes this was a turning moment of my life.

Assuring my soul, pledging my heart, I intended to contribute to my society. With a set goal I swear to start small but significant contributions for these little joys. I pledge to see “SMILE” on their innocent faces and begin the change by educating atleast 2 kids a year ! Hand in hand we all can make world a much better place!!

Ending the note with Thanks!! ?

Check out Jackie Chan Art Gallery here.

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  1. Must have been a once in a lifetime kind of experience. I am not the kinds who are star struck but I have seen the euphoria of fans and it can be quite crazy.

  2. What and experience, I love his movies and he always seemed like such a great guy. Glad you had a change to meet him and join in the experience.

  3. Oh dear you both are so lucky! It is a truly memorable experience, we Asians adore him a lot 🙂 i love all his movies!

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