Health & immunity in men

Achieving a healthy lifestyle in 4 easy steps

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While we all millennial men don so many hats, it is also imperative that we emphasize on our health and immunity. In the wake of current circumstances, it once again comes as a reminder for us that even a small oversight may be alarming. Immunity has been often discussed, and why not? . Doesn’t a robust immunity calls for more healthy days? We will fall less sick and will have more days to enjoy this beautiful life engraving precious memories.


Health & immunity in men

As we age, the functioning of our cells (defense cells), muscles, tissues decreases.  Right from hitting 30’s, there had to be a plan for Immunity and overall health, with lesser cheat days, for me.

How to achieve a healthy lifestyle in Indian adults? This is a question often discussed and browsed. Here are 4 easy steps that I ensure for a healthy lifestyle and robust immunity.

  • Workout:

Exercising, be it aerobics, yoga, or simple fitness exercises, it has been imperative for me to indulge in physical activity daily. It’s not like that you need to run marathons daily to boost your immune system, but a regular 30-45minutes moderate activity does its job. Exercising lowers the release of stress hormones and promotes a good sleep, which again boosts our immunity. Few pieces of research have shown that regular exercise boosts the function of natural killer cells and T-Cells, which are crucial in fighting against infections. Thus, make a moderate workout a part of your daily routine!

  • Quality Sound Sleep:

Ample researches have proved that adequate and sound sleep strengthens our immune system by strengthening the “T-cells”(Important to fight infection).[2] A good sleep routine is important for me, as stress hormones dip while the body is asleep. Reading a calming book and a glass of turmeric milk helps me with a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours.

  • Nutrition: Immunity enhancing foods:

I remember, when I was growing up, there was a lot of focus on eating almonds, walnuts, Vitamin C rich fruits, spinach, beans! And today, I understand that these are all Immunity enhancing foods. Nutrition plays a key role in overall health, and there are certain foods that must be included in every individual’s diet.

Vitamin C, E, rich foods, group of colored foods[3] (berries, grapes, oranges, leafy greens, broccoli, colored cabbage, dried fruits (dates, figs, prunes) are very important for robust immunity. Adding various seeds mixture, yogurt, whole grains, oatmeals, and Tofu to my diet further supports my aim towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Water Intake and controlling cravings with healthier options:

Since water pumps in oxygen and flushes out toxins, humble water promotes overall well-being and boosts up immunity. Proper hydration even helps in good sleep. Adding a dash of lemon or cinnamon or honey in lukewarm water makes it more effective for our health and immune system. For me, Lemon water (rich in Vitamin C) is a refreshing start of the day.

Though these are important factors to achieve a healthy lifestyle in Indian adults, remaining stress-free is quite paramount to our health. Have you ever observed that being stressful for a long time, makes us vulnerable to illness and lack of sleep? Well, I have observed it and science backs it since stress releases stress hormones, which suppress our immune system.

Thus slow down, meditate, calm yourself, and learn the art to live happily!


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11 thoughts on “Achieving a healthy lifestyle in 4 easy steps”

  1. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is not so tough, but we prefer to adopt unhealthy habits. You’ve shared 4 simple steps that can be so easily incorporated in everyday life, and I hope more of us will do so.

  2. Your four simple steps are really easy to follow. If each one of us just embibes it and incorporates it in their daily routine we will all be much Fitter and happy.

  3. My workout nowadays is housework?.. it is definitely keeping me healthy while getting a few tasks done. Another thing I have been doing is focusing on eating healthy for good mental and physical health

  4. this is very helpful way to stay healthy both mentally and physically especially in lockdown time. Regular exercise is a must no doubt

  5. Concrete points here, I too have adapted to them after learning their significance the hard way. I am glad you chose to write this.

  6. Know what, I’ve been saying the same things to my husband. Their busy life gives them little free time but working out and eating healthy really aren’t optional!

  7. These are some great pointers. Quality sleep is something we all take it for granted but it is very essential. I had a quality sleep last night after finishing A2Z and it feels amazing and refreshing.

  8. All these four pointers go hand in hand to have a better and healthier life and body. I prefer to workout and eat everything made at home most of the time.

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