Blue Grotto – All you want to know while in Capri

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When Capri has its share as the most scintillating Island of Italy, the reason has to be the magical turn outs of nature in the form of Blue Grotto. To us as well before planning Capri, Grotto was something we could not exactly relate to. So here is a small explanation to help you understand what a Grotto is & why “Blue Grotto” of Capri is worth every penny spent.

What exactly is Blue Grotto?

Blue Grotto is a magical natural formation which gets you to see bright blue – silver colour of water inside the cave. As you move further the water glows more blue & the rock formations becomes so pristine clear creating a bluish -purplish hues inside the cave for few minutes. Those colours will leave you in bewilderment for sure. 

Blue grotto - capri

Defining Blue Grotto from –

“The bright azzure color of the water inside the cave is due to the sunlight which enters the cavern through an underwater opening which is positioned exactly under the cave’s mouth. As the light passes through the water, the red reflections are filtered out and only the blue enter the cave itself. The famous silver reflections of objects in the water are caused by tiny bubbles covering the outside of objects underwater, which causes the light to refract differently than that of the surrounding water and causes this silvery effect”

The Blue Grotto formation is a sea cave , which is just one meter high with two meter wide opening to enter. Hence to enter it, max 4 visitors board on small wooden boat. Visitors will have to lay back during the entry into the cave, can you imagine it is that narrow. This visit lasts for about 5minutes inside the cave but the queue to enter the cave can sometimes go long during the touristy summer season. Kids can very easily enter the grotto, but what needs is, patience, waiting for your boats turn in the sun to enter inside the grotto. This waiting can actually create a pain for small children or toddlers.

Swimming in Grotto?

It is deemed risky by the authorities since the size of the cave is too small & sudden wave rush may sweep you against the rocks & it may turn fatal as well. #FOTW request you to not try swimming in the Grotto & be safe for your family!

Is Grotto Open all through the year?

Well, no! Grotto depends on the weather and sea conditions. During days of rough sea, windy, rainy days expect that Grotto will be suspended. However one can check Grotto is operational or not on a real time basis by calling the number –081 8375646 after 9 am or even on the site of motoscafisticapri. They check the weather and sea conditions after 9am and indicate the indicator whether it is open or closed.

It Opens every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (except when the conditions are rough). The best time to see the shining blue waters is between 12noon till 2pm, coz that is the time when the sun shines directly lightening the caves.

Usually Grotto is closed between November to March as the sea gets rough & rains lash many days a month. Best months witness Grotto is from April to September when the days are warm.

Tickets :

For 5 minutes of the scintillating view of Grotto in a small cave, the ticket costs are approx.14 Euro [which may hurt if on Budget travelling] while kids under 6 years are free.

FOTW Suggestion:

If you are not tight on budget, do experience this once in a lifetime magical formulation of nature. You’ll for sure memorize this sight every day which passes by. Rush for Grotto as soon as you arrive to the port of Capri. 

Read out FOTW visit to Capri to help you plan your trip. Any support or queries do connect with us! We are more than happy to help our fellow travellers:)

Blue - Green Grotto!

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