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We’re avid travellers and Nature lovers! The fresh air, pure greens, charming mountains and chirping birds give us the very much tranquility that a life needs. And being Nature lovers, we are almost juggling our everyday life in metro cities which are definitely a home to comfort, but also are a house of nuisance and impurities. Breathing that freshness seems very patchy and that’s the biggest reason, why we always run towards the hinterlands!

Some startling Indoor Air facts :

In this quest, sometimes, we even resort to staying indoors. But, what most of us don’t realize is that even an Indoor Air Quality can be an issue. Do you really think that Indoor air is safe and rather you could be healthy breathing the circulating air at your homes?

Did you know that Indoor Air can be 5 times more dangerous than outside air? How to purify Indoor Air? Read some cost effective solutions by Breathefresh. #indoorair #pollution #airpurifying #arpurifier #vayubag #organic #ecofriendly #breathefresh

  • Indoor Air has 5X more pollutants than outdoor air
  • As per USEPA (US environmental protection Agency), Indoor air is among top 5 Environmental Risk factors
  • Burning candles, perfumes, cleaners, paints, solvents, smoke-indoor smoking, combustion sources, Chemical ridden air freshers, nearby constructions, building materials, are all responsible for creating a dangerous cocktail of pollutants in the household air. And more so, if there is no proper ventilation, the rick only enhances.
  • A house bound air has more of allergens, germs and this is the reason why a person infected in house spreads it easily to other members.
  • Children are more susceptible to Air Quality, as children breathe faster than adults and also more air relative to their weight. Also some toxins penetrate children’s skin more compared to adult’s skin.
  • Indoor air pollutants are more of an havoc as they pass into the bloodstream easily and are not just responsible for Respiratory issues, but also impact nervous and immune systems.

With these eye-opening facts, the question definitely comes to our minds, as to how to improve the Indoor Air quality.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality :

  1. Enhance the Ventilation modes and allow enough sunlight to pass through the walls and utilities.
  2. While cleaning, use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust particles, rather than dusting them which makes them settle on different things in the room rather than cleaning them off.
  3. Buy Organic cleaners, read the constituents when you buy personal care or cleaning products. Those which have phthalates, formaldehyde, bisphenol A, should be strictly avoided. Better go for Organic or Natural products in every possible way.
  4. Get up and walk out of your houses, may be in nearby garden, every few hours.
  5. Don’t smoke! And a strict no-no for Indoor smoking as tobacco, nicotine and similar byproducts stick to various household items and are responsible for many bad health effects.
  6. Air Purifiers : We have mixed views for installing Air-Purifiers, as the ones with HEPA air filter are great in filtering those particles, but Air Purifiers are quite expensive and every household cannot afford it. There is a much cheaper, organic and natural variant to Air Purifier, and this is “Breathefresh’s Air Purifying Vayu bag”.

What is Vayu natural Air Purifying bag?

Did you know that Indoor Air can be 5 times more dangerous than outside air? How to purify Indoor Air? Read some cost effective solutions by Breathefresh. #indoorair #pollution #airpurifying #arpurifier #vayubag #organic #ecofriendly #breathefresh

Vayu Natural Bags is filled with different kinds of charcoal, which is heated to an extreme temperature, which results in the changes of its internal structures. It then becomes a perfect trap for micro particles, holding them from the circulating air. Vayu bag is further designed with 3-Layer technology to remove odors, excess moisture and humidity, various pollutants and particles.

It further has a great quality and powerfully activated impregnated charcoal fabric for outer covering and this serves as the safest bet for us and pets as well.

Benefits of Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag :

1. Completely Natural, no chemicals, no toxins, no added fragrance.

2. Travel and bag friendly, needs a small space in travel bag

3. A really long shelf life of 2 years and can be recharged once a month by keeping it in sunlight

4. Designed to remove odours and excess moisture, humidity, micro pollutants and can be used in :

  • Washrooms, Toilet to absorb the odours and moisture
  • Travel Bags, more so if you are travelling in Rainy season, for that freshness and moisture absorption
  • Car air purifier
  • Use it in your living room, kitchen, almirah’s, shelf’s
  • It is a great option to avoid odour mixing in refrigerator
  • We cannot miss out on using it with or precious memory maker – DSLR so as to minimise the impact of increased moisture in this season
  • It also prevents molds and mildew issues
  • Congratulations on getting new paint on the walls, but are you allergic to the paint? Keep that Vayu bag (basis the size of the room) and observe the difference.
  • Use it in your shoe racks

Is Vayu Natural bag cost effective?

Did you know that Indoor Air can be 5 times more dangerous than outside air? How to purify Indoor Air? Read some cost effective solutions by Breathefresh. #indoorair #pollution #airpurifying #arpurifier #vayubag #organic #ecofriendly #breathefresh

With these advantages to us and being eco-friendly, it is also a great cost effective measure to breathe pure air. Vayu natural purifying bag is available in 3 different sizes : 100gms, 250gms and 500gms, with the cost ranging from Rs295 to  Rs760. You can opt for the product basis your room size, as in for living rooms, go for the 500gm bag and for car, you can opt for 250gms. Get Breathefresh Vayu Natural products from BreatheFresh or you can get it from Amazon too.

Let us make our indoor air pure, breathable and keep on exploring Nature!


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  1. Indoor pollution is a real thing, we often ignore it unknowingly. Its been 3 months, I am also using Vayu bag, i am glad that I could see a significant difference in air quality
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