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Jackie Chan Film Gallery – Sneak Peek

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Location :  Putuo district , Shanghai , China

Entrance fees :  Approx  128 RMB ( INR 1200 )

Jackie Chan ( JC) spent almost 53 years in movie industry and is a well know name across Globe. Be it action , comedy or drama , every domain of acting was perfected by him . He is probably the most popular artist of East in the west part of world.  Finally to offer their millions of  fan an glimpse inside the making of an megastar, they  decided to roll out JC life journey through  “JC FILM Gallery”. It took almost 5 years to design and develop and was inaugurated on 60th Birthday of Jackie  in 2013 . Fortunately, Team #FOTW were among the lucky few on being invited for an exclusive preview before inauguration . Honestly, we were totally blown up with the detailing and designing aspects of it.

Inside gallery each sector, every figure & prop has its own little story to tell. Even the  ticket office is designed  like a truck  crashing through the side of the building. It raise the expectations & announce that inside the Gallery would be a kung fu kicking roller-coaster of a ride through Jackie’s film career.

Sharing some memories from the visit because words cannot describe real worth of Jackie Chan Film Gallery :


Jackie film Gallery
Where it all happens
jackie chan
The Sci-Fi entry Gate to Gallery
Love jackie
Love ..Four word Letter which everyone desires
Zodiac Jackie
Adopted from Movie namely Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Jackie
Just a coincidence
Jackie chan gallery
An outside view of Gallery
Jackie gallery shanghai
Gateway to the life of JC
Jackie Gallery
Jackie Fan
Fan’s Greetings and Message posted all over the wall.
Shanghai Gallery
Wax model of Jackie bursting through a wall on a police bike dodging cannonballs.
Warrior Jackie
Shhh… Even the walls have ear .
Jumping Jack performing an Parachute stunt
Awards Jackie
Chan’s office decked out with a host of awards
Jackie Hollywood
Copy of JC foot, hand and nose prints from outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
JC life
Age is just a number for some 🙂 .                                                                                                                                                                                          Do share if you have watched any movie of Jackie and what in particular you like about him !! 

21 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Film Gallery – Sneak Peek”

  1. Indeed he is popular to us from the east and i like most if his films. Am happy that finally he won the Oscar Award the he deserved.
    He is a true artist, an actor that seldom uses a double. Well only recent because he’s old now.

  2. This gallery seems to have a lot of things used and kept by Jackie Chan throughout his movies career such as cars, bikes, dresses, masks etc. The film gallery seem to have everything you want to know about Jackie. Information on his films, his life and his charities !

  3. I didn`t know that there is a whole museum dedicated to Jackie Chan, but then again he is so popular so why there shouldn`t be one? 🙂 I love him, and would love to visit the place too.

  4. Hehe! This looks like so much fun, if I ever make it to Shanghai I’ll definitely be checking this place out

  5. Wow I had no idea that this even existed! I love Jackie Chan too so it was great to see this thru your eyes.

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