April 13 , 1919 – Revisiting History of Indian independence moment

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While Amritsar is know for Golden Temple , Chola Kulcha’s  and Beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border‎ . We also planned our trip around these places to coverin or 2 days trip in Jan 2017 .  But one place which probably every Indian or every human must go to is Jallianwala Bagh for the history behind this place .

For People , who are unaware of the significance of this place in INDIAN HISTORY and why it always found it’s mention in India’s Independence moment . Small background details :

Date : April 13 , 1919

Time : 4:30 PM

Incident : General R.E.H. Dyer.  ( British Army ) ordered 50 armed soldiers to open fire without warning on a gathering which was suspected to be unauthorised political gathering , while in reality  most of them in crowd were unaware of and were actually there to celebrate ” Baisakhi ” .  The entire park was surrounded and all exit was closed by soldiers . In the kiosk caused by firing of bullets , many were crushed and few even jumped in an well with their kids . The List of Martyr’s  included  unarmed women ,  innocent children and  even senior citizens .

Bullet Fired : 1650

Casualties  : 379 Died & more than 1500 Injured

Result : Black Day in History of Humanity which makes us realize that unfortunately HUMAN is the biggest enemy of Human . So in the vicinity of GOLDEN Temple where people bow their head to seek blessing of “Guru Gobind Singh ” , they also visit this place to pay their homage to those unfortunate people and prey for their souls .

Present :  The Jallianwala bagh ,  6.5 acre  massacre  site  has been converted into a garden and houses a memorial  namely” Flame of Liberty ” established in 1951 by the Indian Govt.

Flame of Liberty
General Dyer
Signboard inside the garden


India Independence
Gallery in middle of garden with portraits of martyr’s and newspaper article which reported this incident in 1919.                                                                                     
Dead well
To escape from bullets , people jumped into a well and almost 120 people died due to suffocation .

Martyrs Well

Team #FOTW paying tribute to Martyrs
Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram

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