About Us!

Travelling Family

Family of 3 since 13th August 2014!

About us - Traveling familyHey my budding fans, Meet me, Arham! The real brain-child behind this website. Really, after my arrival only the idea of hosting a “Family themed travel website” started taking shape.

  • I love posing for pictures and never forget to give the brightest smile among all.♥
  • Along with this I am quickly learning to click, share and post and will probably overtakes my oldies in a couple of years.
  • Usually, you can find traces of Food, Ice cream all over me.. êrrrr
  • Adults don’t allow me to hold separate social media account (probably they fear I’ll be more popular than them), but you can interact with me via this website or its social media handles, give me Five!
  • And Stop staring or you will definitely fall in love with my SMILE {My Smile is Contagious and there is no cure for it}

Meet my multi-tasker Mommy, Jhilmil!

About us - Traveling familyBitten by the travel bug way back since she remembers. One portion of her brain has always been pre-occupied with searching, planning and preparing for the vacations all round the year.

  • She says that she holds a Master’s in Management, certified in Digital marketing and contributed 9+ years of her professional life in Telecom working with some of the biggest operators.
  • She has been sharing travel experiences in the past via her Travel Blog and have been appreciated in form of numerous accolades. Since beginning of this year she decided to change the hat due to my presence.
  • Now along with being my mama & house maker, she is  an founder of a Parenting Website {www.mommyinme.com} focusing on Motherhood experience and tips to handle young ones like ME;). That’s tricky, I bet!

Hello, my Porter dad, Chandresh!

About us - Traveling familyHe is the one serving two bosses at same time, Me and mommy, Lol.

  • The unofficial Porter, Photographer and book–keeper of family trips, he love to taste worldly Veggie cuisine and takes the off beaten tracks.
  • Armed with Electrical engineering degree and Masters in Marketing he has been actively working for promotion and adaption of Renewable Energy for 9+ years.
  • Mind it, he loves to eat, play with Me,Travel, and share reviews! This is all what he actually wants to do all through his life;).
  • We 3 are always ready to hit the road, no matter what life throws to us.

PS :  This Website and we, the family, whole heartedly support the cause of “Responsible and Eco – Tourism” . Preserving nature, protecting world heritage monuments and Zero Carbon Footprint is always the underlying motto of our travel plans.

High Five guys, let’s proceed now! Gotta see you soon!