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August marks the beginning of the holiday season. Be it Independence Day or “Rakshabandhan “or “Janmastami “, multiple opportunities are available to plan a long weekend gateway. As monsoon is half passed, we can enjoy the lush green plains or break taking views over the mountains or waterfalls, or just sit in a holiday home sipping coffee and watching rain drops creating magic on earth.


With 3-4 days available for a trip, we can look beyond the usual weekend gateway. Thanks to dropping airfare and discounts deals, many far flung destinations are now within  budget for all.

Among all, Bengaluru (old name Bangalore) is my all-time favorite destination. This capital of Karnataka state is a year around tourist destination due to its pleasant weather.  Also known as “IT capital of India “, it provides option which suits all categories of travelers with multiple activities to choose from.

Listing up some of the must-visit places in and around the city:

  • Spirituals Places & Temples : From Bull Temple (yes you read it write) to Suryanarayan temple along with Dodda Ganapathi Temple and ISKCON. There are various places of worship for different followers. All these places also offer a unique glimpse of local architecture to its visitors, thus making it to the must-visit places list.
  • Museums : The Heritage Centre & Aerospace is India’s First museum dedicated to aerospace showcasing the evaluation of Aeronautical history in country. Look around for Pictures, Models and even a real time simulator of flights which thrills both kids and adults.  Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is another must-visit place for people who takes interest in knowing the origin of various scientific instruments.  Opened in 1962, it has lots of interesting science experiments for young travelers to watch and learn, and even implement in real life.
  • Shopping & eating out: MG (Mahatma Gandhi) road is the first place of choice for locals and tourists to pick up good and clothes. This place offers a chance to quickly grab a coffee or beer while roaming around in shops on both sides of the street. For people looking for a respite from High temperature (which rarely happens in Bangalore), Pheonix Marketcity and Orion Mall offer best in class experience for window shoppers & brand buyers.
  • Nearby activities: For people who are just looking for some close country side interaction with nature, options to pick up are many from Bengaluru.
    • Trek to Kunti Betta in night which is 130 km away from Bangalore.
    • Trek to Tadiandamol Peak passes to reach the highest point in Coorg .
    • Enjoy Monsoon delight by visiting Mallalli waterfalls, Coorg.
    • Go for exploring Wayanad on a Cycling and Camping Tour.
    • Take a drive to Mysore and visit the fames Tipu Sultan fort and palace.
    • Visit to Coorg and stay in a Tea plantation farmhouse and recharge yourself in natural surroundings.

How to reach: 

  • By Flight: All Indian airlines have direct Connection from Delhi to Bengaluru with flight time of approx 2 hour 30 min and fares varying from INR 3-6 k.
  • By trains: With 2300 Km by this mode, it takes around 33 – 40 hours and have 8-10 daily trains to the place from Delhi .

Best time to Visit:

  • This place is ideal to visit across the year, but the delighting experience increases after monsoon season for people going for trekking activities.
  • Dasara festival in Mysore is a 10 days celebration and city comes alive for all during this season.

The list can go on and on and totally, it depends on which type of traveler you are as Bengaluru has something to offer to everyone ?

Keep travelling, keep exploring!!

5 thoughts on “Long Weekend Gateway – Bengaluru .”

  1. India is an unexplored destination for me. So when you talk about Bengaluru it’s like you’re opening a totally new world to me. I didn’t even know it rarely gets hot there. What is the weather like in the wintertime, does it get cold? And I know Indian food varies by region, so what is the traditional cuisine like? Is it spicy or mostly vegetarian, or what?

  2. The last time I went to Bangalore it was a mess. Traffic and rainfall together was a horrid combination that made a regular 5 nimute journey into a two hour crawl! Honestly the city is so different from what it was when I visited it as a child that I no longer think it is worth visiting.

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