10 Modern Camping Essentials Every Family Needs

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Planning for camping with friends and family? Unaware of the check list and modern tools for a great camping experience? Read 10 modern tools for camping #camping #adventure #essentials

Camping is making a comeback for some, and remains a much loved pastime for others. When you’re surrounded by incredible scenery in your home country, there’s no need to go through the palava of catching a plane or cruise to some far-flung destination. The outdoors beckons right on your doorstep, and its wonderful. The fresh air, the sunshine, the dirt underfoot, the trees and shrubs, beaches and vast swathes of water.

Eco-therapy has long been recommended as a treatment for mental health, but there’s no need to feel down to get outdoors camping, its healing in every sense of the word. There are many known health benefits to being outdoors including:

  • Getting more vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin
  • Helping to fight depression and anxiety
  • Increasing muscle strength and cardiovascular health with general camping activities like hiking, putting the tent up and tending to the fire
  • Providing a sense of awe at the scenery, which is known to make us happier
  • Connecting us with our circadian rhythm, which is where we sleep and wake to the rising and setting of the sun

There are many health benefits associated with camping and being outdoors. Camping as a family also increases your bond together, as you work as a team setting up your tents, collecting firewood and enjoying the experience as a group.

Modern Camping Enhances Your Experience

Planning for camping with friends and family? Unaware of the check list and modern tools for a great camping experience? Read 10 modern tools for camping #camping #adventure #essentials

Camping can be very basic and fantastic for it. You can have a fire and a sleeping bag and have a wonderful time. However, modern camping can certainly enhance your overall experience if you want it to. There are certain gadgets and products that can add to a more convenient camping trip, providing more time for beers, marshmallow toasting and scary stories.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to enjoy the great outdoors without wondering where you’re going to go to the toilet, or how you’re going to make your phone battery last all weekend, then modern camping is for you.

Here are 10 modern camping essentials :-

1. Toilet Tent

A toilet tent is an excellent modern camping accessory that provides instant privacy. So whether you’re planning to go in a hole in the ground, or you have a portable chemical toilet, you can simply set up and pop the tent up for a quick private solution to a very human problem.

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels are an amazing way to utilise the energy of the sun for endless camping gains. Charge your phone or device to power GPS or guidance technology for navigating the national park. You can also charge up batteries for your torches or lanterns in the evening. Charge 12 volt battery packs to charge devices like a TV, hairdryers or even gaming devices. Camping solar panels offer you a true modern camping experience providing plenty of eco-friendly electricity to power the perfect outdoor holiday.

3. Portable Gas Camping Stove

Chopping down wood for a fire is wonderful, but it is banned in plenty of areas and it can be a little labour intensive. For that instant cosy campfire feeling without any of the work or bush fire risk, invest in a portable gas camping stove. They can be purchased at very reasonable prices, and in various sizes to suit your transportation style. There are even stoves that connect to a USB for portable charging!

4. A Portable Shower

These come in a wide range of styles from pocket showers where water is held in a pouch, to more rudimentary designs. Some do even provide a method of warming the water from sunlight, ensuring a warm shower wherever your location. If anything, camping can be dirty, whether you get covered in sand on the beach, dirt from pitching your tent or dust from hiking. Modern camping doesn’t have to mean you look and smell bad when you get home.

5. Survival Tool Kit

Instead of having to carry a ton of separates, or make lots of tools from your surroundings, you can have everything you need in one handy kit. Survival tool kits tend to hold everything you need to start a fire, safety whistles, pen knives and more. Its ultimate convenience for the modern survivalist.

6. A Sleeping Bag Suit

Sleeping bag suits are like huge, insulated onesies. You might look totally bonkers wearing one but for modern camping, they make a lot of sense. You can pretty much fall asleep anywhere without having to set up your sleeping area.

7. Propane Coffee Maker

Planning for camping with friends and family? Unaware of the check list and modern tools for a great camping experience? Read 10 modern tools for camping #camping #adventure #essentials

If you’re deeply into coffee, and you feel a sense of mourning when you have to leave your beloved coffee maker at home when you go on holiday, this is the modern tool essential for you. They enable the modern camper to enjoy freshly brewed coffee without the need for any electricity. The perfect pick me up after a long night of memory-making by the fire.

8. An Action Camera

Action cameras used to be limited to one particular brand, but now, you can get action cameras in many different shapes, forms and in many different price brackets. They are ideal for making great family holiday videos, because nobody has to miss out on the action to film. Perfect for modern active families who love to cycle, hike, swim and catch all the action on film. Checkout this awesome camping trip video captured on an action camera.

9. Gas Camping Grill

Making an authentic Barbeque is a really nice activity but it can be messy, and it doesn’t always work. In some areas you can’t even use charcoal based barbecues at all. A gas camping grill will help you create authentic delicious barbeque food without any of the effort or mess. Perfect if you have plenty of mouths to feed after a long day exploring the local area.

10. Hammock

Planning for camping with friends and family? Unaware of the check list and modern tools for a great camping experience? Read 10 modern tools for camping #camping #adventure #essentials

If you want to be really swish, then hammock tents are a great idea if you plan on camping in a wooded area. Alternatively, get super comfy with a standard hammock which will make your set up look insta-perfect very quickly. They are ideal for reading stories at bedtime, napping and for general relaxation within your modern camping setup.

“I walked slowly to enjoy this freedom, and when I came out of the mountains, I saw the sky over the prairie, and I thought that if heaven was real, I hoped it was a place I never had to go, for this earth was greater than any paradise.”Daniel J. Rice

Camping is an incredible idea for a family who love adventure. Modern camping essentials enhance such experience, ensuring this wonderful holiday style is as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Happy Camping!

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  1. I feel camping somewhere in the wilderness and close to the nature once a while is a good thing to experience something different. It also gives us a break from the mundane routine and charges us for the professional endeavors. I enjoyed reading the post and have even bookmarked it to apply the camping tips whenever I decide to go for it.

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