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Memories forever!

The only thing we hold on to memories so tightly is because “memories” are the only things that don’t change, when everyone else does”

It is so true, the best thing about memories is making them, memories warm you up from inside, they bring smile to the faces and ignite hope in the hearts. There has been so many moments in our lives that we don’t even know when to clutch them tightly and when to unclasp them up. We actually don’t realize the value of those moments, until they become a memory for us. Ponder over these lines, and you will actually realize them. And this is why for us, a family who is always travelling, memories are million dollars for us.

And one such mode of memories, yet in the era of digitisation is to have your beautiful moments captured on your prized possessions in the form of Wall display’s, Photo Mosaics, acrylic prints and numerous options. We, as a family, love to give gifts as personalized calendars (for work desk), personalized mugs with messages, Photo Books, with the simple reason of the personalization and love which they carry.

The co-founder of FOTW says ” I still have those emotions in my heart, when my colleagues gifted me a Photo mug (with my lil baby) post the maternity leave. No gift could have been better. It was such an emotional and overwhelming moment, and till date this personalised photo mug is there with me as a memory of love, for love and by the loved ones.

Capturing your moments : Canvas Champ

And our ever longing quest came to a halt with Canvas Champ and their Canvas prints. Recently, we got a Canvas print of 16*20 for one of our memories and it was an instant hit, bringing out wide smiles on our faces. It was a beautiful transformation of our digital picture into a canvas print. With multiple options (mentioned below), you can save your memories on the best canvas print

Making memories will online Photo canvas print services by Canvas Champ in India #canvaschamp #canvasprint #photoframe #photocollage

Options of canvas prints :

  • Rolled Canvas : To expand the roll and display
  • Single Panel Canvas : The most conventional and evergreen canvas print in a beautiful frame
  • Split Canvas Prints : For those who love something artistic and modern, as it transforms the picture into blocks of art to enhance the look of your wall multiple folds.

Frame options :

Once you are through with the type of Canvas print, you can easily choose a frame from the wide range of available frames which can be wall mounted easily. Ranging from simple black and brown frames to advanced Mirror Image and Image wraps, these frames will add up a zing to the memory in the making.

Customize your Images :

Customizing images is one of the best options, be it having a picture in a gray scale and adore its overall beauty, or go for Sepia or a natural touch or any other filters basis your choices. One can also have an option of abstract pixel painting effect.

You can choose the shape that would fit your walls, be it square, rectangular or panoramic. One can even customize the thickness and depth of the prints. Be comfortable in the image formats, as nearly all formats as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, Adobe RGB or RGB color profile is acceptable. But yes, better the quality of image, better will be the canvas print.

The whole process goes “Online” in these simple steps :

  • Select the size of the prints (from the choices of 8*8  to 20*30 , or even customizable)
  • Opt the type of print, be it Canvas print, wood print, Split canvas and upload the images you want to be in your memories
  • Wrap and border, opt for any finishing if you need
  • Add it to your cart and yo, you are ready to place the order

Canvas Champ delivers Pan India, and voila, we received a neat, well protected package within 2 days of the order.

How does that sounds? With hassle free process, range of options, competitive pricing, Canvas Champ is a good option to explore for our memories forever!

[This post is solely based on our experience with Canvas Champ]

Keep travelling and keep building memories

Team #FOTW!

27 thoughts on “Creating beautiful memories forever : Canvas Champ”

  1. Yes that’s really true that the best thing about memories is by making them and capture it for life, as then they will be with us for life

  2. I like printing photos and canvas option makes them last longer and looks more chic too. I would love to try as well. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Canvas champ sounds what I need at the moment. My husband and I were looking options to get our family pic enlarged and get it printed on canvas with hard bound option. This sounds perfect !

  4. We love to create memories! Some memories are precious and close to our heart. The canvas print looks really good. Good size and priceworthy.

  5. Canvas photo print is a nice idea and its something which will always work as a gift for loved ones. I like this a lot and now heading to canvas champ.

  6. That sounds really easy! I love gifting memories… These would make the perfect gift! And it being online is really a saviour!

  7. Wow what a great way to save memories and also a great idea for gifting… Will definitely try this…

  8. This is such a brilliant idea Jhilmil to save memory for a lifetime. I too follow the idea of making memorabilia and save the moments forever. This canvas is too good to resist.

  9. I tried a brand similar to this one but the quality of the product disappointed me. However, I would like to try this brand basis your review. I believe these are the best gifts at any time you are confused about what’s a perfect spl occasion gift.

  10. I have just made place for a hoard of pics and frames I want to put up and was looking at different options just last week and was finding it difficult to decide coz I didn’t have any known feedback.. This surely helps narrowing my options 🙂

  11. The timing couldn’t get any better for me. I have chanced upon your post at the right time. I was looking to create and decorate our walls with more memories today only and wanted to visit the nearest photo studio and I found this website shared by you to do it in the comfort of home. I shall for sure place my order soon and add some beautiful frames in my house.

  12. Yes totally agree with you. They offer really good quality. Preserving memories with canvascamps is fun

  13. These are lovely.. agree that there is no better way to preserve memories. I have a memory wall where I have put up all old framed photos

  14. I visit your blog regularly and recommend it to all of those who wanted to enhance their knowledge with ease. The style of writing is excellent and also the content is top-notch. Thanks for that shrewdness you provide the readers!

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