Role of Ecommerce in balancing the scale between businesses and customers


Over the years the way of doing business has evolved. From selling to the neighborhood, now local businesses have varied tools & means at their disposal to reach customers across the globe.

As the reach is increasing, so are the challenges to sustain the business. Currently, there are very few brands that can boast of a definitive competitive advantage over other available options. And with the increasing options, the expectations of the consumers have been increasing multifold.

Consumers for businesses:

So, while the brands are spending billions working in-house to bring innovative solutions, they are parallelly working on the customer side to improve their service quotient & make the buying experience as smooth as possible. Right from appealing to their intensive needs, to providing visibility, demonstrating the uniqueness of the product, ease of placing order & processing payment with finally a prompt after-sales support. This entire journey is to earn the loyalty of the customers to ensure repeat business & turn them into their vocal supporters.

While the customer or the end consumer is and will always remain the KING, businesses are now leaping ahead to treat consumers sustainably. Over the decade, more & more businesses are taking the e-commerce route to connect with customers making themselves visible right on their couch.  Today, e-commerce platforms like Flipkart are playing an important role in bridging both sides.

Flipkart for traders:

To businesses their platform has been supporting many traders with,

  • A global reach,
  • Higher visibility,
  • Connect with the right consumer,
  • Provide a platform for feedback & reviews
  • Ease of return & replacement
  • Better payment cycle.

Especially for MSME & SME they also provide training, launch platform for their innovative products and solutions, support for product & quality improvements, customer buying behavior, and numerous insights. These consumer insights have been helping many upcoming traders to grow their businesses manifolds.

Flipkart has even created millions of new white & blue-collar jobs employing people across the supply chain in the fields of warehousing, packaging, forward & backward logistics including last-mile delivery, customer support, etc. According to NASSCOM, despite COVID-19 challenges/disruptions, India’s e-commerce market continues to grow at 5%, with expected sales of US$ 56.6 billion in 2021{1}

Flipkart for End consumers: 

For the end consumers, Flipkart has been a boon, more so during the pandemic, when staying indoors was the best option for the masses. While everyone was confined indoors, e-commerce helped in keeping the wheels rolling especially for grocery, personal hygiene & other essential products.

Their e-commerce platform provides standardization across products, services, payment options & support systems. Not just this, speedy & reliable delivery service with competitive pricing has been lucrative to millennials these days. 

You name the product and you get it on Flipkart with the best pricing, what more to ask for?

Don’t you think that traders and consumers, both have been benefitted in multiple ways? Well, Flipkart has helped in balancing the tilt with both business & customer benefitting equally while showing a remarkable jump in the trade.

As per IBEF, Indian e-commerce is forecasted to increase from 4% in 2020 to 8% by 2025. This includes total food and grocery, consumer electronics, apparel, and fashion [2] 

Governments across the world have noticed & acknowledged the role of E-commerce in the new era. Increasing internet penetration even in the rural areas & the rise in digital literacy have notably helped both sides in India.

With the help of projects like “DIGITAL INDIA CAMPAIGN” the buyers list will keep on growing and so does the opportunity for businesses to compete & cater to the KING i.e. Customer.



36 thoughts on “Role of Ecommerce in balancing the scale between businesses and customers”

  1. I have myself bought most of the electronics for my home from Flipkart. Particularly oil this pandemic, it gave me a safe option to shop and also get the benefit of a competitive price. E-Commerce has certainly helped the business owners but now truly Consumer is the king with so many options available to us.

  2. It is not everyday that we hear about larger companies taking care of the sellers on their platforms like Flipkart does.

  3. This is a well researched blog post talking about different ways ecoomerce has bridged the gap between the consumers and the businesses.

  4. When the demand increases, sellers need financial and digital help to meet the demand and increase their supplies. I am glad that Flipkart is helping.

  5. Platforms like Flipkart, etc. offer a standardised and easy-to-use UI which really helps with all kinds of consumers.

  6. Platforms like Flipkart, etc. offer a standardised and easy-to-use UI which really helps with all kinds of consumers.

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