Maintain strength and Immunity through good nutrition #ensure #immunity

As you age, maintain your strength and immunity through good nutrition


2020 was a year of changes, self-realization, and transformations. As a family, we always focus on the right diet but visible gaps existed. We started to work on the daily intake of Vitamin C and re-worked on the requirement of micronutrients like Zinc, Selenium. The whole focus seems to have shifted towards nutrition, along with regular indoor workouts and relieving stress, for better strength and immunity. Moreover, being in the mid-’30s with the mindset of “aging healthily”, boosting the body’s natural defenses became a priority. With a whole lot of changes in the lifestyle, we decided to read more on … Continue Reading

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vaccine for kids

Why vaccines and boosters are necessary even during the lockdown


To us, vaccinations always meant a simple calculation. Get your baby vaccinated and he/she is risk-free for the rest of their life. But this math became somewhat complicated when we were introduced to the terminology of “booster dose” by our pediatrician.  Reminders! Yes, we all need reminders in our daily lives. As humans, due to our busy schedules and multi-tasking attitude, we need a nudge to regain focus on what we care about. At times, these reminders help us look back at the things that are way too critical to miss out on.

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Vaccine in kids

Are there less painful vaccines for Infants?

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Being a parent, we feel that the worst thing to witness is seeing your child in immense pain. And this comes along with the vaccinations for our babies. The first vaccine was when our baby was a few days old and more than him, it pricked our hearts seeing the vaccine being injected.

But it was just the start. The real agony was felt when I saw my baby’s discomfort and cries even a few days after injection due to the side-effects of vaccines. Severe pain, swelling, fever, irritation, all of it became suffering.


Vaccine in kids

Somehow, as a parent, I … Continue Reading

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Save the child

Vaccination – building immunity in kids against long gone diseases .


As travelers, we always prefer to get our Travel insurance done. Though the possibility of any upcoming casualty is less, it is a safety measure to curtail any bigger loss on a personal front. When we became parents, our visits to the pediatrician became quite frequent. After a few initial months, it became quite overwhelming for us. There were lots of why’s popping up in our minds related to vaccinations. Questions around vaccines for wiped out diseases, overloading the child’s Immune system, additives, side effects, kept on bothering us, as new parents.

We finally decided to discuss our concerns with … Continue Reading

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Why should vaccines be preservative-free? Were they unsafe before?

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As travelers, what we love the most is being able to explore untouched nature and its pristine beauty. And this comes as the most important learning for us, the adaptation of nature and its sources in the purest ways. We find ourselves in a conundrum while packing the bags, whether we should stuff it with packed food items (which makes munching easier) or should we source local produce?

One of the biggest differences is in the freshness and the absence of preservatives in the local produce as we explore. The world has already embraced “Organic” and Preservative-free as the … Continue Reading

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