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Travel Guide: Shoes To Carry Based On Your Vacation Type

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With things looking a bit glum at the moment and the work from home environment tiring us out to the bone, a trip to the serene mountains, or a chilled escape to the refreshing beach or a trekking trip is definitely on our minds. And, out of all the different branches of fashion, vacation wear being the one we rarely think about (well, not until we start brewing a getaway plan, at least), it’s officially time to get your shopping shoes on!

Just like different occasions and functions demand different types of attire, each unique holiday destination requires you to pack a different kind of wearable- especially footwear. Choosing the right kind of shoes that will go with most of your outfits and are suitable for the terrain and the type of weather is key to a more stress-free and more enjoyable tour. To help you make the right pick, we have put together a list of shoes along with a complete guide to select the perfect vacation Chappals:

Beach Vacation
If you plan on enjoying your summers by the sea, sipping on mocktails or an iced tea, and relaxing, it is best to avoid anything close-toed, clunky, and heavy. Instead, the ideal choice for a beach vacation is a comfortable yet fashionable pair of casual chappals or strappy leather sandals. These versatile pieces are open and airy- letting your feet breathe and causing the sand to slide right off. And, they add a chic twist to the shorts and flowy-patterned-shirt beach ensembles.

For the adventurous, adrenaline rush lovers out there who have a trek to the nearest summit planned- you might want to avoid the Chappals as thick-soled, sturdy, and flexible sports shoes or climbing boots are your best bet to a slip-free climb. Not only will these shoes make sure your feet get ample support and grip to complete the rigorous activity, but they will also provide
cushioning, leading to minimum soreness!

Resort Vacation
A peaceful yet fun and playful stay at a resort surrounded by lush greens with close friends or family is one of the most preferred ways of taking some time off the hustle. If this is something that’s on your calendar, you should invest in a pair of easy-to-slip-on casual chappals or ethnic chappals in Kolhapur styles. Firstly, they are light and relaxing, making them the perfect fit for a walk
around the resort and by the pool. Second, you can pair them with loungewear, denim, khaki, or chinos, and they will always tie the look together spectacularly!

City Vacation
Suppose you see yourself visiting and staying in your favorite city shortly. In that case, it’s best to stock up on some comfortable casual Chappals and lightweight walking shoes in your favorite designs to go with your outfits. Made with the softest faux leathers and softer soles, these Chappals will keep your feet relaxed and sweat-free as you spend your day sightseeing. So, quickly note down these voguish yet practical men’s vacation footwear options, upgrade your shoe rack and have a serene, restful, and worry-free vacay!

16 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Shoes To Carry Based On Your Vacation Type”

  1. I guess shoes are the last thing we usually think of unless we are going to a specific place which requires extra attention. But they are one of the most important items on our list. As a tourist, we are on our feet most of the time and wearing a comfortable and destination appropriate shoes is a must.

    1. Right kind of shoes for right occasion is really good idea because every occasion needs different kinds of shoes and is also good for your feer so I always to right kind of shoes for every occasion

  2. Yes agree selecting a proper foot wear is so important as per vacation and occasion. you have listed great option for different type of vacation to make a good choice for people. indeed, a helpful post.

  3. I can so relate this and suggest everyone to follow your advice especially for beach area and hiking. I am one who wants to walk a lot while I am travelling so that I see the place as a local. So having comfortable footwear is always a necessity. I remember hiking to the castle barefooted in Hvar Islands as the footwear gave me so much discomfort.

  4. These are some good tips to pick the right footwear. I usually have my sports shoes or canvas shoes on when travelling. I find them comfortable and no frill product. Will try chappals like kolhapur next time.

  5. I totally agree selecting a proper and a comfortable foot wear is so important as per vacation and occasion. I usually prefer to wear my sports shoes or canvas shoes. Those are super comfortable.

  6. Right kind of shoes are very important as they can uplift your look too. I look for comfortable shoes and one slip on’s that goes best in vacations. Your tips are helpful.

  7. Packing the right shoes for your vacation is so important. I have seen many people carrying matching footwear with each outfit so it’s not just about comfort. We keep it simple and carry 2 pairs for any trip, chappals, and sports shoes, it works.

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