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Vaccination – building immunity in kids against long gone diseases .


As travelers, we always prefer to get our Travel insurance done. Though the possibility of any upcoming casualty is less, it is a safety measure to curtail any bigger loss on a personal front. When we became parents, our visits to the pediatrician became quite frequent. After a few initial months, it became quite overwhelming for us. There were lots of why’s popping up in our minds related to vaccinations. Questions around vaccines for wiped out diseases, overloading the child’s Immune system, additives, side effects, kept on bothering us, as new parents.

We finally decided to discuss our concerns with our pediatrician. Diseases like Smallpox, Polio, Whooping Cough which struck many infants in the 19th century, seem to be nearly eradicated, then why does my child need a vaccine against them? India has been declared Polio-Free country, then why should we get babies vaccinated against Polio, even today?

“Well, diseases haven’t disappeared”! 

Polio still exists in a few countries globally. There are very few cases of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) around the world, and there are cases even in India. Measles still exist in India and globally. The chances of babies contracting the diseases that have been wiped out might be quite low, but the chances do exist. Vaccinations against them are important to wipe out that chance of reoccurrence, not just for one child, but for the whole community. It is exactly like Travel Insurance, reducing the chances of a bigger loss.


Vaccines protect the whole community:

Most of the diseases which are preventable by vaccination are contagious, i.e, they spread from one person to another. Even if a child gets infected with any of these diseases, he/she can pass it on to those who have a compromised Immune system or are not vaccinated. This, in turn, can result in a resurgence of those deadly diseases once again.

Many countries including the developed countries like The USA, Japan have faced outbreaks of Measles, whooping cough respectively, even after their eradication[1]. The reason was simple, drops in the vaccination rates against the so-called eradicated diseases resulted in the outbreaks in small clusters.

Why is a baby’s Immune system more vulnerable?

As the antibodies pass via the placenta, a newborn baby acquires passive immunity through its mother while in the uterus. After the birth, more antibodies are passed via breast milk. But a child’s active immunity takes time to fully develop, over the years, and this is the reason why a child’s immune system is more vulnerable. Thus it is imperative for babies to get vaccinated even against the diseases that are wiped off in one country. Many children could have been exposed to severe infections against deadly diseases like Whooping Cough if vaccines were not there.


  1. Protects your child.

2.Protects children/people with suppressed immunity, who even fail to respond to vaccines

  1. And protects the whole community and prevents the outbreaks

The outcome of that discussion was clear, if people skip the vaccinations against the wiped-out diseases, the diseases could once again become as common as once they were. Today, the world is not just closely knit but global travel has also increased rapidly. This, in turn, has also increased the risk of exposure to many infectious diseases. Hence, it is of utmost priority to strengthen our kids’ immunity with vaccinations against diseases.

Stay Safe!

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20 thoughts on “Vaccination – building immunity in kids against long gone diseases .”

  1. A very good article.
    Moreover if we have child we are more protective and taking extra care in this scenario. Any cough and sneeze make us worry and we stop giving cold things and junk food for a week .
    The life for kids in this pandemic is difficult and hope everything will be ok in coming days

    1. Truly, the fear is real. Although the fear of the unknown will always be there, but from a known disease, we must get the vaccination done.

  2. A beautifully penned blogpost bringing out the importance of immunization. It is so important for the growth of kids. Hoping they soon invent the vaccine for Corona virus.

  3. This is such a well explained article. I will surely be sharing this with my cousin so she understands the importance of vaccination too for my nephew.

  4. I personally experienced this if a kid is healthy and not suffering from any disease in their initial growing age they manage to get the healthy immune system otherwise whole energy waste to fight with the disease. So I agree, vaccination at the right time is a must.

  5. Vaccination is one of the most important responsibility for a parent. Young kids need help to develop their immune system and one cannot take them lightly.

  6. Prevention is always better than cure and as you mentioned vaccines protect against many preventable diseases which are dangerous for kids and community too.Helpful post.

  7. I count myself lucky as my daughter’s doctor is a friend and she has explained to the T the usefulness of each and every vaccine. I make sure to follow the tips and never delay in any vaccination schedule.

  8. Yes Polio does exist in some countries though not in India anymore. This has all been possible due to the presence of vaccines and doctors religiously recommending it. Vaccines are really helpful in building immunity

  9. I completely resonate with your thoughts, Jhilmil. Vaccination is necessary for every child, even for the diseases which have been almost eradicated. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  10. I totally agree with you on this and I too baffled initially like why yo five these if the diseases are gone. A very informative article Jhilmil.

  11. Totally agree with you vaccination is really important for for newborn babies . I am happy that we have taken timely vaccination for her as the current situation it’s really important to have good immune system .

  12. This is such a well-explained post. Vaccination is important for every child. I don’t understand the logic of anti-vaxxers in this. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post.

  13. Vaccination is a very important step that should be taken right from birth of the child. It keeps kids safe from future sickness or diseases from birth.

  14. I think vaccination is one of the important aspects. Very informative and useful article. Keep the good work up

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