How are Millennial Men staying active?


The life of Millennial Men

Though the debate around work-life balance has always been on a high note for women, more so working moms, there has been a lot to cater around Millennial men as well. When I talk about that balance, as a father and a spouse, even we need to look for that balance between our jobs and families. We need to weigh our tasks as a breadwinner and as a parent. Times have changed [a lot], as I see more and more men opting to regular house chores and taking care of their children.

It goes the same with me, I deliberately chose to have a significant role in raising my child. I’m a hands-on dad, who has cleaned the poop, changed nappies, burped my infant. It has been a part of my conscious Fatherhood.

Not Just fatherhood, you’re all aware that we are travel freak family. Adventure Travelling has given us so many chances to explore not just the world, but also our soul and our real goals of life. Writing fills my heart, Job fills my pocket, while traveling fills my soul. And caring for my family defines me as a person.

Why can't men have it all? And this is the post where I show multiple hats I wear everyday. And for this, as a #Father, #Traveler #professional, I need to be healthy and take care of my muscle mass. Take up the #stanupchallenge and lets be #strongertogether

Let’s discuss around why can’t men have it all?

So, the question arises here, that why can’t men have it all? When we don so many hats when we juggle so much to have our presence felt everywhere? Today, I’m a Corporate Professional, a hands-on father, a Traveller, a Blogger. Yes, I might not be a super dad, but I take pride in saying that we, the millennial Men, have taken our roles towards our families pretty seriously.

“I want to work, but I also want to be with my family and invest in my child, to see him grow. I want to be there for my son, every time”. For me, my success doesn’t run by my career and package.”

So how do you ensure your presence with so much action all around? For me, the secret to taking up life’s responsibilities lies in a healthy body and mind. Health is one segment, that has never seen a compromise. Let’s ponder, are we strong enough to do all the activities we wish for?

I have focussed on the below mentioned 2 things :

1. Exercising:

For an active body, to have a good muscle mass and a healthy pumping heart, exercising daily is a must. High adrenaline workout is a part of my daily life, it pumps in happy hormones, which gives me a highly energetic start of the day. Right from running (brisk walks at times), to cardio and working out for muscle mass, 30minutes a day is what I feel we all should spare.

Here is the snippet of the #Standupchallenge I took –

2. Right Diet:

I feel, being healthy is a very relative term. I eat everything, but a major focus is on ensuring that my body gets the right nutrients and calories it needs for the day. Right from sufficient Liquids to fibrous intake, I have charted out the RDA of macro and micronutrients. And in this journey, Ensure has been a perfect companion, in providing me with the right Protein, Calories, Vitamins, and Minerals. Ensure can help you stay active by providing you with the essential nutrients you need.

And staying active and healthy is what we need, right? Think once again, are you strong and fit enough to perform all your responsibilities, that too actively? You have the answer, it’s time to focus more on health, fitness, and nutrition, to be able to achieve your goals in life.

Stay Healthy and Keep Exploring!

7 thoughts on “How are Millennial Men staying active?”

  1. I agree, today fathers share many responsibilities. Right from changing diapers till cooking occasionally, fathers try to help. Their fitness, eating habits matters a lot when they want to be fit.

  2. Men have a lot on their plate and taking care of their health is often not on their list. You are spot on, eating right and exercising are basic and must-do for them in order to fulfill their different roles effectively!

  3. Loved reading this. I think eating healthy and exercising regularly could really make a difference in our life. Men or women we all have a lot of things to take care and the best way to take care of all this is to start taking care of ourself first.

  4. It is so refreshing to read a man’s perspective and I have always believed that no matter it’s a man or a woman health, right diet and right fitness should always be our priority.

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