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Why vaccines and boosters are necessary even during the lockdown


To us, vaccinations always meant a simple calculation. Get your baby vaccinated and he/she is risk-free for the rest of their life. But this math became somewhat complicated when we were introduced to the terminology of “booster dose” by our pediatrician.  Reminders! Yes, we all need reminders in our daily lives. As humans, due to our busy schedules and multi-tasking attitude, we need a nudge to regain focus on what we care about. At times, these reminders help us look back at the things that are way too critical to miss out on.

In the same way, booster doses act as a reminder of our babies’ immune system, so that none of the doors remain open to the diseases. Many vaccines, like DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) and MMR need booster shots to continue prevention against the infection.


Vaccine in kids

What is DTap Vaccine and why is the booster dose of DTP so important?

DTaP vaccine gives protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, of which diphtheria and pertussis come under communicable diseases (i.e. it spreads from person to person) and can become very serious in babies and young children. For tetanus, we all are aware that it enters our body via cuts or wounds. Our pediatrician shared that, while DTaP is given to children younger than 7 years [ref2], a booster dose Tdap is given at the age of around 11 years. And this booster dose continues the protection against these diseases. I was just talking about “reminders” right? With time, our body can lose the antibodies that were formed during the first cycle of vaccination. Waning antibodies and immunity open the doors to infections once again. Just like our memory weakens, our body’s immune response also weakens.

And this is when our body needs reminders, to continue fighting with the diseases. If our immune system slows down, sufficient antibodies will not be produced, and we become susceptible to pathogens in the environment.

This is the reason why booster doses of certain vaccines are recommended. Post this explanation, it became clear to us as to why they are called booster shots. These shots boost immunity that slowly declines from vaccines that were given earlier to our young children. There is also a very small percentage of babies that remain susceptible to diseases even after their first vaccination. Such booster doses are more crucial for their life-long immunity.

One of the biggest examples in our history is Russia’s diphtheria outbreak in the 1990s (which was the largest diphtheria outbreak of the world, post-1960). During 1991-1994[Ref1], diphtheria cases increased manifolds in Russia and a substantial percentage of these cases were among persons aged more than 14 years. This was a big lesson for the whole world, to continue with vaccination, but also ensure that the booster shots are not missed out.

Booster shots, like flu shots, should be taken annually; while others like DTP should be taken in consultation with your doctor. If you have missed the booster dose for your child due to the lockdown, don’t wait. Take an appointment today and get them the shot.

Talk to your pediatrician about the vaccinations and booster doses your child needs. Keep a track of their immunization schedule and remind yourself about the due booster dose.

It is very important, don’t miss it!

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Sanofi Pasteur India. Sanofi Pasteur India bears no responsibility for the content of the blog. One should consult their healthcare provider for any health-related information.

25 thoughts on “Why vaccines and boosters are necessary even during the lockdown”

  1. Good to see this discussion taking place. Timely vaccination is a must. If there is any doubt, better to always consult one’s paediatrician instead of taking the wrong decision by one’s self.

    1. Can’t agree more with the need of immunization. Here we have to submit our child’s updated immunization record at the time of new registration. Booster doses are equally important and we cannot skip that.

  2. Agree that booster dose plays an important role in strengthening child immunity.
    It’s important that parents should not further delayed vaccination in the current scenario. As stronger immunity keeps diseases at bay. #DontWaitVaccinate

  3. Indeed booster shots are crucial and aren’t meant to be ignored. The entire purpose of the vaccination may get defeated if the booster shot is delayed or missed.

  4. I was talking to a friend two days back and trying to convenience her that it’s important during this crucial time ..and glad you shared this post will pass this to her

  5. Booster doses are very important. Thanks for this reminder for all those who have forgotten. Both my daughters are due next year and this cannot be taken lightly.

  6. Vaccines and Boosters are not only necessary but their importance assumes additional significance in the current circumstances. It is imperative to adhere to prescribed schedules.

  7. Much needed topic during this current scenario. In some mom groups, I saw them discussing if they should take their babies for vaccination or not. I can now convey your article. It’ll help them a lot to decide.

  8. Vaccination needs to be on schedule as the health authorities are recommending in their own ways.All decisions the parents and doctors are talking together .This is very good awareness initiative indeed.

  9. Oh I wasn’t aware that it was necessary. We finished our vaccinations as far as I remember but it’s good you wrote this, I’ll check their hospital book.

  10. Vaccines and boosters should be given at the proper time without a delay. Some of my friends visited regularly for a vaccination with all the prescribed precautions. Totally agreed with the concern.

  11. Vaccines and boosters are so important for babies/kids and these shouldn’t be missed. I am also giving my son all these vaccines even during this covid time also.

  12. Vaccination is critical. During COVID-19 pandemic, we have been skipping way too many things, one being immunization of our baby and child. It’s good to note that Measles and other similar diseases are far more fatal and contagious than coronavirus. Thanks for this pot.

  13. This is such an important post actually. I have to take my son for his 5th year vaccine. We cant take vaccines lightly at all. I have to be brave and take him to a clinic!

  14. Vaccines and the booster doses are very important. Parents are worried about taking kids to hospital these days yet it’s essential to take all precautions. Informative post.

  15. It is necessary to give vaccination and boosters on right time because the kids need to get the proper vaccine for their body to work and fight against diseases.

  16. Honestly for me I have never missed any vaccination for my son. Even the booster doses we gave it to him on timely basis. However during lockdown it was a bit delayed but thanks your post was a reminder for the same.

  17. Very useful post! I am glad you wrote on this important topic. The pandemic is here to stay and we need to ensure our little ones are strong to face this and any other health risk that comes their way.

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