Peri Peri magic at Nandos!

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Heard of Nandos? Yea, a lovely South African restaurant in the heart of Delhi. The peri peri sauce and it’s magical flavour is the soul of this place. Easy to locate in Epicuria, situated right opposite to Dhaba by Cladridge.

Choices Available :

MENU is very elaborated in terms of Non – Veg and Beverages Section. Veg option are limited but you can find the right thing to order. Even they have kept a kid’s special burger.

Nandos Menu- Food reviewNandos Restaurant review











First glance at menu makes you think , “Oh they are expensive”, but when they inform that with meal you can sip unlimited soft drinks /frozen yogurt /peri peri sauce from a self serving counter, you feel just the opposite “Dude , it’s a jackpot deal”. So we tried garlic bread (which was a bun), Veg platter with rice and exotic veggies and Pasta. Serving size was fairly well and preparation time was 10-12 min, during which you can sip coke/sprite/Fanta like a thirsty crow, lol.

Nandos Food review


Taste was upto mark for Vegetarian menu, as Nandos USP is Chicken and Sea food. Icing on cake was keeping  colours and drawing sheet to engage kid and it worked for our kid too. He got totally engaged in it and we enjoyed our meal without bowls and plate turning over after long time.

Nandos Food review
Smile says it all!

Overall : 

One time must visit for veggie’s to try this concept and non-veggie seems to be a regular repeat customers.

Cost for 2: INR 1200/-
Table reservations : Must on weekends during dinner time 

Kid’s Menu : Veg Burger

Kid’s Seating : High Chair Available

Kid’s Friendly : 5/5

Service : Quick and delightful 

Overall Rating : 4/5

Theme : South African music and ambience is prominent around the place 

Parking : In Nehru place Metro Station ample parking is available 

PS: Ask for your royalty card and you will get Free Burger / Chicken on every 3rd visit on bill above 300 INR.

Have you tried at Nandos? How was your experience?

Nandos food review

14 thoughts on “Peri Peri magic at Nandos!”

  1. I have never been to Delhi or Nandos, however, if I should ever visit Delhi then I’m sure I will check out this place! Thanks for the post!

  2. We have been to Nando and it is popular for its chicken dishes. I liked it but it has less choice for vegetarians as we had a friend with us who is a vegetarian.

    1. Yea, it has less options for vegetarians like us, but then whatever was there, it was of great taste!

  3. OMG yes, it is magic! I’ve been to Nandos in Namibia (neighbouring SA) and it is quite yummy. They have a franchise here in Canada, but it is not nearly as yummy. Then again, Piri Piri in Portugal is the best!

    1. great to know you could connect so well & about Piri Piri, shall try out when I get to visit Portugal!

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