Create bonding by planning family time


Family life is busy, busy, busy and just getting everyone in the right place at the right time can be challenging enough.

Combine that with school, work and home and you’re seriously running up against the clock for getting everything done. Though the hustle and bustle of family mean you often occupy the same space it doesn’t always mean you’re spending quality time together. Even on family dinner time, mobile eat up all the face time and conversation revolves around simple YES or NO.

If you’re time poor but looking at ways to spend some fun times together then this blog is your answer. We take a look at some ways you can transform your leisure time into family time, bringing everyone together.

Shared Sports

It’s not easy to find something that everyone loves and there are many sports that would be hard to include the youngest members of the family. But everyone can do is swimming. If the reason you’re not so keen on the water is to do with confidence rather than a lack of time why not organize swim classes for the whole family?

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Another popular option for everyone is cycling, even if your smallest person can’t yet ride, having them on a child seat on the back of your bike is great fun. Just make sure everyone is properly kitted out with a well-fitted helmet.

Martial arts are another great way to get everyone trying something new and put all of you on the same level. You may even find your naturally fit youngster picks up those moves quicker than you.

Shared Hobbies

If sports aren’t your thing, then how about finding some regular activities that tick the right boxes for all your family. Join a nature watch scheme to get everyone out in the fresh air and enjoying the green spaces that are on your doorstep.

For a hobby with more cultural immersion, why not commit to going to the theatre together once a month. With plenty of family shows out there, we’re not talking about a trip to the city but rather a local drama group or touring company visiting one of your local venues. Instill a love of performing arts from a young age and your budding actor might one day be playing to you.

Family time

Finding an excuse to get together can be tough and finding the time to do so, even harder but with a little determination and imagination, you can make that dream a reality.

Take a look at a new sport that excites you all, or one that you haven’t done for a while. For the less energetic, find a hobby or interest that gives you plenty of conversation around the dinner table and something to look forward to once or twice a month.

Creating that time together and prioritizing quality over quantity is going be well worth the investment. Create some memories together with family time  and some healthy habits that become a regular fabric of your life together. You won’t regret making the effort and you may even learn something new about yourself and each other.

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