Mother Sparsh baby water wipes : Best for baby care

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Mother Sparsh baby wipes : Product review

We are a travel family, and our travel adventures never went on a standby even after we had a lil baby in our arms. Rather, it became all the more thrill, as we took different routes to explore the world, with the eyes of a baby. Ya, we do need to admit that all the journey’s were not carved with gold, there were ample new learnings, few challenges, lots of emotional moments which rode back. But still we can vouch that every small exploration, got something new for our souls as a “Family”.

During all this, we had certain essentials in our Travel kits, which helped us. Our Travel kit for baby always had quick nutritious food, comfortable diapers, teether’s, first aid kit, tissues, baby wipes, baby lotion, sanitizer. And these made our regime a lot simpler. We relied heavily on baby wet wipes during Car, road or air travel and this calls for us to review one of our ever relied upon wet wipes from Mother Sparsh.

Mother sparsh baby wet wipes are one of the best in their category due to its plant based fabric, 98% water content, PH balanced and also it has aloe vera and jojoba oil for baby's soft skin. Perfect for baby care while travelling or at home. #travelessentials #babycare #mothersparsh #organicwipes #wetwipes #babywipes

Sometimes, people have asked us, are Baby wipes really safe?

Well, to answer this, there are certain factors, we need to take care while choosing the wipes. Hygiene is a very important factor while travelling with babies and kids. From cleaning their hands and mouths, to sometimes cleaning their bottoms, not even a day can pass by without wet wipes. For enjoying travels with babies, hygiene and food are something which can never be ignored.

Since our babies skin is really very delicate and sensitive, and require a soft cleaning, #FOTW suggests you to look for following qualities in a Baby wet wipe, which Mother Sparsh has :

1. No Chemicals:

While most of the wipes have “Polyester” in them (which can be checked out from the flame test by self), these plastics and chemicals (as Formaldehyde )when touched upon baby’s delicate skin, often result in allergic reactions, blisters and rashes. 

“According to Environmental Working Group’s analysis, 95% of baby wipes are contaminated with dangerous chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions in baby’s skin”

Mother Sparsh wipes are chemical free, alcohol free  and thus they are soft on baby’s skin.

2. Softness and pH balance :

A soft texture of a baby wipe is must, so that the baby’s skin does not suffer from rashes or any sort of irritation. Also, these wipes have moisturizing properties so that the chances of rashes are nil due to its pH balanced property.

3. Organic :

Mother sparsh baby wet wipes are one of the best in their category due to its plant based fabric, 98% water content, PH balanced and also it has aloe vera and jojoba oil for baby's soft skin. Perfect for baby care while travelling or at home. #travelessentials #babycare #mothersparsh #organicwipes #wetwipes #babywipes

Nothing can beat if you opt for an organic wipe. Mother Sparsh wipes are 98% Water wipes, and are made up of plant-based fabric. Their natural soft texture, with the absence of toxins, gives the much required “Happy Hygiene” for our babies. These wipes are perfectly “ Eco-friendly” and “Child- friendly” and makes us win as a parent and as an “Earth Saviour”.

Mother Sparsh wipes are as good as cotton and water, buy them now at Amazon.

4. Jojoba oil and aloe vera :

Mother Sparsh wipes contain jojoba oil and aloe vera and we all know the benefits and skin smoothness property they carry in themselves.

With the use of Organic wipes, and few tips as wipe gently, use baby cream/baby oil after diaper change, definitely baby hygiene can be easily maintained.

Choosing the best baby care products is indeed challenging with market being over-flooded with the options. But, we as parents , need to be wise to check the real need for our baby and their delicate skin. It’s our responsibility to pamper them with the love of health, so be wise and opt for the best. 

[Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post, though we have been using Mother Sparsh wipes from long time and are really satisfied with their performance.]

Enjoy Travelling with the safest wipes,

Team #FOTW!

17 thoughts on “Mother Sparsh baby water wipes : Best for baby care”

  1. Water wipes are the best thing to switch good you have a baby. I always chose fragrance-free wipes when my son was younger. They are so gentle on skin and doesn’t give any rashes.

  2. I do agree on the polyester part in brands of another baby wipes and could prove to be harmful… Haven’t used Mother Sparsh but would like to try…

  3. They are setting some great standards these days, 2 things which I love them too 98% Water wipes, and are made up of plant-based fabric and it contains Jojoba oil with Aloe vera which is the best for every skin types and baby 🙂

  4. I really love wipes that has more of water content and are soft on the skin. I have been hearing so many positive feedbacks on mother Sparsh. Would love to try them soon for my child.

  5. My kid is 4 now but I still carry baby wipes for him during travel. I have been using Mother Sparsh baby wipes for him and he lives the soft feel of the wipes against his skin.

  6. I haven’t byet used Mothersparsh products esply these wipes but I have been consistently hearing and reading good reviews about the baby wipes and which mother doesn’t want the best skincare for her baby. Definitely buying these.

  7. The wipes from mother Sparsh are really very nice. We just love them and use them at home all the time.

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