Short Story – Curious case of Shadow.


An everyday conversation between an Einstein kid & an average IQ  father like me !!

Son – Dad,  Who is he ?? 

Me: This is a shadow ..

 Son: Why is he following me ?? 

if-shadow.jpgMe: Becaz, it’s a friend gifted by god to you .. who can watch you over all the time.

Son: Then it’s not a good friend, because he follows me only during day time.

Me: Becaz, it gets tired running all along with you the entire day and goes to sleep in the night.

Son: They why the length of shadow keeps on changing during the entire day.

Me: Becaz it is scared of the sun and tries to hide behind you going in the reverse direction.

Son: But why is shadow scared of the sun?

Me: Becaz It cannot bear the heat of him.

Son: Then Why I cannot change my shadow with my friend or buy a new one.

Me: you cannot exchange it like you can’t do with your eyes or nose or hair.

Son: Then why don’t shadow wear a dress as I do.

Me: It always wears a black color dress and it’s her fav color.

Son: In case, then why I am not allowed to wear the same dress always ?? 

Me: Becaz …Becaz  … I NEED A BREAK …. Please go back to your MOM ..only she can handle a shadow like you !!! ☺ { or I am feeling like a  shadow who needs to hide from a  SON   like you whose curiosity is brighter than the SUN rays. }


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