Looking to play board games online? Here are our 5 all time favourite board games for kids that can be played online #boardgames #onlinegames #gaming #onlinechess #onlineludo #onlinegamesforkids

5 Online board games for kids

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Although the pandemic scenario has improved, kids are still indoors with less social interaction for their safety. Being a dad, I’ve seen my son getting bored at times when he wishes to find a company to play indoors. Board games have been to our rescue always. And now playing online board games, with his friends is something he looks forward to daily. You name the game and you have an online version of it. This has made entertainment so cheap and fun even when indoors.

So, here are 5 all-time favorite Online board games for kids:

1. Online Chess:

I started teaching my son Chess during the lockdown, and I was happy to see him participate in his school’s online chess competition too. There are many apps, like Lichess which are dedicated to this board game. But how about some interesting variations to this classic board game? Well, we discovered plays.org and instantly loved their Board-game category. Not just the classic chess, they have some simpler versions to it also, mainly for kids.

Initially, my son started with the Chess Move Logic Puzzle game. This is a 24-level puzzle game and can be introduced to beginners. It helps kids understand how to move individual pieces to capture the king.

As kids start with level 1, they need to capture the king at each level to move to the next level. Once kids understand the moves, they can play classic chess or even the Chess Grandmaster on plays.org. You can check their online board games category here. 

Looking to play board games online? Here are our 5 all time favourite board games for kids that can be played online #boardgames #onlinegames #gaming #onlinechess #onlineludo #onlinegamesforkids

We love this browser-based gaming website for kids because:

  • No need to download any app
  • It is Free and there are no ads displayed (great for kids cyber security)
  • Lots of educational games are available
  • Brilliant games category as Puzzles, Board Games, Simulation-based games, Sports games, Solitaire, Educational, and a lot more.
  • They keep on bringing in new games, so you have a huge repository to play.

2. Online Guess Who? :

Remember the classic Guess Who version? Well, I played that a lot while growing up and I’d been thinking to introduce it to my son. We were on cloud nine to find the online version of Guess Who on plays. Org! Oh, what fun to see the classic games in digital avatar. This has been our next favorite online board game.

Do you love Guess who? too?

Looking to play board games online? Here are our 5 all time favourite board games for kids that can be played online #boardgames #onlinegames #gaming #onlinechess #onlineludo #onlinegamesforkids

3. Online Foosball:

Foosball has been the favorite board game of all kids, I’m pretty much sure. Be it parties, game zones, this is one game, kids look forward to playing always. And now when its virtual edition is there, that too for free, why not enjoy it indoors?

4. Chutes & ladders:

Remember Snakes & ladders? Well, this is a multiplayer board game similar to snakes and ladders for younger kids. Allow them to play with their friends and enjoy as they avoid the snakes and climb the ladders.

5. Battleship:

This used to be my other favorite game while growing up. It indeed is one of the classic board games that requires strategy and is super fun. And now this naval war competitive battle game is available on their website online too. Here the players destroy each other’s ships. The first player to destroy all the opponent’s ships wins. Kids can play this against the computer and learn the strategy and win!

Well, these were our 5 favorite board games that can be played virtually. There are scores of more board games available that kids can enjoy. And the best part is you can play these games anywhere anytime, even while traveling, with a decent internet connection.

Which is your favorite board game? Share in the comments below.

Stay safe!

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