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Every small detail counts when you’re out exploring the unexplored!

Once the travel bug bites, your soul yearn for taking the roads less traveled! But, it certainly makes a lot to be a responsible travellers ! Responsible here means both; a travel junkie who cares for nature & thinks for a sustainable environment, with having a full travel checklist ready every time they go out. Well, being an environmentally responsible tourist is something we choose, but making a utility travel checklist is something that we must!

Every little thing that we carry with ourselves serves a purpose! We shouldn’t miss out on small things to make the most out of the trip! Experiencing on-trip travel blues is usual when we forget to carry travel essentials. Presenting a utility checklist for frequent travellers that contains many primary items.


  1. An Ultra Slim Money Pouch

It is always advisable to carry few extra bucks when you’re travelling. With all the convenient currency transfer options and wallets, life’s easy when you’re on the trip. But, a smart traveller never keeps it loose! Moreover, taking the roads less travelled might get you to the destinations which are isolated. There’s no harm in carrying extra money. Have an ultra-slim money pouch along, which is easy to carry, and tie around waist beneath your clothes. This will keep your money safe as well as there won’t be any extra luggage that you’ll be carrying.


  1. A Closure Toilet Kit

The people who are ardent travelers know the importance of sanitation better! While you’re out travelling, there’s no certainty of hygienic toilets and facilitated toiletries. You need to be prepared for any said circumstances. Make your own Toilet Kit with all the primary sanitation items in it. Put some tissues, a toilet roll, dental kit, miniature bottles of body lotion, shampoo & conditioner, soap & sanitizer, antiseptic cream & a few bandages, sunscreen and any other personal requisites. Choose a closure bag for this purpose which occupies less space and carries more things!


  1. Cozy Sleeping Utilities


Make sure you catch up on sound sleep while travelling! Between the flights or long train, journeys can be a daunting task when sleeping arrangements are not made properly. Keep a neck pillow and eye mask handy for such trips. Make sure you pick an ergonomic pillow design to provide you with proper head and neck support on the go. Eye mask, on the other hand, should be soft and with full coverage. These things might sound unnecessary, but when you are sleepless and restless the other day, you will thank me for suggesting this sleeping kit.


  1. Mini Backpack


Your big luggage bags are cool to carry all the stuff around, but for the in-between days, you would require a cute, comfortable and spacious enough backpack that takes all the items which you will need handy. Every time you won’t dig into your backpack or trolley bag whenever you need something, would you? So, for all those items like money, toiletries and dad-in day-out accessories, you need to carry a backpack that gives all these items and be your travel buddy during your tripping days.



  1. Luggage Security & Other Accessories


Travelling is a sweet experience, but sometimes it turns sour when your luggage is not secure enough. To avoid rain on your parade, you must secure your luggage in case of a theft or luggage exchange or any natural calamity. Luggage locks and rain covers are such bits that can help you within these times. One more accessory to add to your list is a multi-purpose key holder from William Penn. Make it a phone stand or a bottle opener or a mini-wrench. You can exclusively buy this one and many other travel essentials on Shoppers Stop‘s multi-brand online store.




All these items won’t let you get stuck anywhere and will make your travel a little more comfortable. Things like these take a bit of space and do a lot when it comes to utilizing them.


Pictures: shoppersstop.com

22 thoughts on “Utility Checklist for the Frequent Travellers”

  1. Love this post, I am a travel enthusiast and could not agree more with the list you have shared. My lifesavers have been a backpack and GPS enabled phone, throughout my trips. #vartikasdiaryreading #myfriendalexa

  2. Loved the article. I am a traveler and still sometimes do miss out on something important or the other. This list and tips are great. I also advise carrying a travel toiletries kit, a folding umbrella and a GPS device for the more adventurous ones.

  3. Indeed, a very useful post! I can never travel without my backpack and a toothbrush. Each travel bag of mine has a brush just for emergencies. 🙂

  4. We in India tend to carry more than what might be actually required. This post is good enough to be considered as the essentials that will take one through a trip. Good and useful pointers.

  5. That is a crisp post. Wonderful checklist . I always carry a few eatables and a small water bottle on my trips as well, in case of long travelling days.

  6. I’m travelling to Udaipur next week. As someone who rarely travels, this is going to come in really handy. Thank you so much for this 🙂

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