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Winters, long weekend, Sunny day, what could be better than visiting a Nature Park or Bird Sanctuary to pamper your eyes with some amazing Avifauna’s around?

Yes, #FOTW did the same & visited Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, often called as Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It is situated very close to Delhi (3.5-4hrs run) & Agra and poses as a perfect weekend destination.

All the more why this place stands apart from many small bio-diversity parks, is the quantum of Migratory birds visiting Bharatpur Nature Park or Bird Sanctuary during the winter season. Encapsulating close to 350 species in itself, this Nature park is a treat to Bird lovers, Ornithologists. You just cant stop the lenses and click on the amazing sights it offers.

Our post was published on Thrillophilia , read it out for a detailed travel plan at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, an amazing Nature park for Avifauna in Rajasthan.

Sharing few pics other than those on my Travelogue on Thrillophilia :

Both days were super rainy for us, which did not give us ample sunlight to click some beautiful pics, still we managed to grab eye-catchers.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Spotted Kingfisher!


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Group of Storks!


Bharatpur Bird sanctuary
Nesting Storks


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Sun Bird sucking nectar


Darters at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Darter drying up wings


Egrets at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
White Egret


Stork at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


Heron at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Grey Heron

Here I got to see amazing cuddled owls!

My camera couldn’t stop the coziness shared by the Spotted owls. It felt the third one was already besides them pondering when to take over the personal space! lol , have a look, you’ll agree. It was amazing to see all 3 sitting spotted owls together just as the clouds played peek-a-boo with the sun in the morning!

Actually God blessed me with viewing 5 owls that beautiful day!

Owls at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
3 Tiny Owls

Visit here to get a detailed review /tips/information on travelling to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Bharatpur Nature park or Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary.

Some #FOTW notes :

FOTW kid

1. Bharatpur Bird sanctuary is just 10min from the city’s heart and 5kms from Bharatpur Railway station. It is very well connected to Delhi, Agra. A trip to Agra can always be stretched to this sanctuary, since it is just 55Kms from Agra.

2. There are many lodges and hotels for a comfortable stay, but we stayed inside the entrance of park – at Forest lodge -Hotel Bharatpur Ashok. The building is somewhat old but comfortable and gives a good feel to stay inside.

3. No Diesel or Petrol vehicle is allowed. You can either explore it on foot, or by hiring cycles or on Cycle rickshaws/Horse Tonga’s.

4. The tickets are cheap, it is just Rs75/- per person inside the park and Rs100 for vehicle entry.

5. maintain the eco-balance, love the nature, click them but don’t shout or throw something to disturb the natural habitat.

6. It needs some 1:30-2:30 hours to explore the sanctuary and spot birds.

7. Favourable season : November – March, since that’s when majority migratory birds come across.

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Keep Exploring. 

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33 thoughts on “Bharatpur Bird sanctuary”

  1. Bharatpur Sanctury has been on my wishlist for a while now. Your detailed post and gorgeous pictures have helped me make up my mind to make the trip sooner.
    Loved visiting your blog.

    1. Plan it out, read on my Thrillophilia section as well, it has smallest of the details you will need. Good luck , any help, do let me know:)

    1. Plan it up this winter Meenakshi around Dec – jan (try avoiding 25-26 jan , as usually it rains then). It gets awesome then!

  2. I admire your ability to travel with a little one in tow. You guys must really have wheels for feet. Loved your blog, your photographs and the information you provide for each destination.

  3. This is nostalgic for me, hometown is Agra hence Bharatpur & Taj Mahal are the most favorite family picnic destinations. Love the photographs with so much beauty and life… bookmark this post to show my little one the wonders of Bird Sanctuary

  4. Husband and I too love sanctuaries and strangely he is from Rajasthan and we haven’t visited Bharatpur. A great collection of photos and quite clear – which lens?

  5. Birds! Birds! Birds! I love bird watching! Many of my friends recommended this sanctuary in India, but I actually didn’t believe him. I am pretty sure now, that I will be booking a ticket to Bharatpur. Thanks a lot for posting this article! I will be soon visiting this place with all my friends.

    1. Great Nathan, Dec -Jan are the best time to spot these amazing migratory birds! If you need any info let us know. Thanks

  6. Superb shots! I visited Bharatpur sanctuary once when I was in KG on a school trip and the only thing I remember was the rickshaw ride and chatting. I’ve added this place in our travel bucket list, really want to visit again & this time with Nemit. Great post.

  7. Many of my friends recommended this sanctuary in India Thank you for posting this. This blog very help full for me this is deepak

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